Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals in South Africa by developing and supporting community-driven initiatives and connecting them to the world.

Here's how we accomplish our mission:

Capacity Building for South African Community Based Organizations

We work on the ground in impoverished communities to help empower individuals and community based organizations (CBOs).  By CBO, we mean nonprofit groups in South Africa that work at a local level to improve the lives of children, families, and communities.  In our work, this has included organizations like orphanages, community centers, after-school programs, and schools.

We work with individuals and CBOs to design and implement impactful projects, as well as connect beneficiaries with a diverse network of public and private, international and local sponsors.

We help individuals and CBOs navigate South African government processes and services in order to ensure successful compliance with government policies in order to maximize social funding and support.  We have helped multiple South African nonprofits attain registered 18-A status (tax exemption) with the Department of Social Development, as well as helping various individuals attain birth certificates, IDs, and social grants.

We also produce multimedia fundraising materials for individuals and organizations, which include videos that have cumulatively received millions of views on national television and online.  These videos are made with the permission, support, and participation of the individuals featured. These videos feature only beneficiaries of our programs and are typically part of larger online crowdfunding campaigns that have a 100% pass-through rate to the beneficiary.

Project Development

We fund and help implement specific projects, which have included community-wide census data collection, an after-school program for orphans and vulnerable children, grants to fund operational costs at childcare organizations, education sponsorships & enrollment support to high school and university students, construction of a new childcare facility, as well as donations of vehicles, first aid kits, musical instruments, solar powered lights, food, and clothing.

Design & Development of Corporate Social Investment & Responsibility Projects

We have worked with a variety of corporations including ABSA, Shell Oil, GoPro, Naturally Solar, Jason Erlank Architects, and Structural Solutions to create meaningful and impactful partnerships and CSR initiatives.

Our Approach & Goals

Our projects are based on careful assessments of the challenges and opportunities facing the individual, organization, or community. Our diverse projects are all connected through an underlying philosophy of empowerment through collaboration. We prioritize cultural awareness, and our beneficiaries play an integral role in designing and implementing our projects.  We do not utilize international “voluntourists” and employ locals whenever possible.

Our goal as an international nonprofit is to help connect community-led initiatives in South Africa to supporters and collaborators around the world. Likewise, we aim to provide meaningful and ethical opportunities for international supporters to impact individuals, projects, and community based organizations in South Africa.

While our projects all foster independence and are designed to be or become self-sustaining, we still maintain an active role in all projects we fund in order to ensure that our resources create the greatest impact possible.