Intsikelelo currently supports a number of students across South Africa through individualized education sponsorships.  These sponsorships include:

  • help with school registration, including organizing meetings with school administration

  • funding stipend for school uniform, supplies, and application fees

  • assisting and guiding students through tertiary education opportunities

We have helped students enroll in high school, college, university, and we have connected students with work and volunteering experience in their own communities.  We have also worked with families of students to help ensure stable home environments conducive to academic success.

Intsikelelo is also a recruiter for the SA College for Tourism.

Two young women, sponsored by Intsikelelo, beginning coursework at the SA College for Tourism, January 2017

The SA College for Tourism was established in 2001 by Dr Anton Rupert, renowned financier and philanthropist and at the time chairman of Peace Parks Foundation, in partnership with international agencies and public donors. The college operates under the auspices of Peace Parks Foundation and, like the foundation, supports the principles of responsible tourism while minimising exploitation. It is the first training centre in southern Africa to focus its training programmes on the development of operational and management skills for the lodge and guesthouse industry. In addition, it offers courses in the age-old skill of wildlife tracking to preserve this precious indigenous knowledge. Every year 90 young women and 16 young men – all unemployed and from impoverished rural backgrounds – are sponsored for a year-long training course in hospitality service skills and tracking skills respectively.  For more information visit