Langbos Creche and Care Centre

Langbos Informal Settlement, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Langbos Creche & Care Centre currently serves as a pre-school for up to 50 children, as well as a soup kitchen, HIV support group, and community centre for the greater Langbos community.  Langbos is an informal settlement that lacks access to basic amenities such as electricity, running water, or paved roads.  The community also faces high levels of HIV, TB, and other chronic illnesses. We have worked together with the Langbos community and the Langbos Creche & Care Centre since 2015 to help improve the lives of the children and families of Langbos through a variety of initiatives.

  • Needs assessment: We began community meetings in April 2015 to assess needs in community and opportunity for projects, working to empower the community to always have an input into our projects to ensure they are meeting the greatest needs and executed in a culturally sensitive manner. Through the Langbos Children’s Centre construction, we were able to train and employ 30 residents of the Langbos community, who earned a competitive wage and received nutritious meals and professional development for 6 months.

  • Monthly Grant for ePap: We are currently supplying monthly grant to Langbos Community Centre to sponsor ePap, a nutrient rich porridge specifically designed for sick and malnourished individuals.

  • Monthly Grant for Creche Food & Security: We are currently supplying a monthly grant to the Langbos Creche that funds nutritious daily meals for the creche students, as well as security for the entire center.

  • Improved First Aid: We have provided upgraded first aid kits to both Creche and Community Centre.

  • Improved Fundraising and Sponsor Relations: We are working with the Langbos Creche & Care Centre to help them create new fundraising materials to help attract a large and diverse pool of local and international sponsors. This includes our jointly produced “Little Humans” video that received over 70,000 views online and was featured on SABC 1’s Shift to over 11 million viewers.

  • Solar Light Distribution: We distributed over 150 solar powered lanterns to every single home in Langbos. These solar powered lights are an alternative to the candles and paraffin lanterns commonly used in many Langbos homes that can be very dangerous and also expensive.

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