Our mission is to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa by developing and supporting community-driven initiatives and connecting them to the world.

Our projects include children's homes, after-school programs, and community centers.  We work with these organizations to improve their organizational structure, operations, and fundraising in order to help them carry out their missions more successfully and sustainably.   We also work with the South African Department of Social Development and various local and international charities and businesses to create meaningful partnerships that align these different resources to maximize impact.

Our projects are based on careful assessments of the needs and opportunities of the individual, organization, or community.  Our diverse projects are all connected through the underlying principal of empowerment— offering a platform of resources and tools to help beneficiaries accomplish their own goals.  We prioritize cultural sensitivity and our beneficiaries play an integral role in designing and implementing our projects.  Learn more 

Our Story

How we came upon the opportunity to help orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, and why we want to share it.

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Our Projects

Learn about our efforts to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children through community-driven initiatives.

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Langbos is an informal settlement that represents the poorest of the poor among rural communities in the Eastern Cape and greater South Africa.  The informal settlement has been neglected by the government and does not have access to basic amenities such as electricity, running water, or paved roads.  The community also suffers from high levels of HIV and TB.

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