Siluncedo Community Projects

Khayelitsha, Western Cape, South Africa

Our goal with Siluncedo is to provide immediate and individualized care directly to orphans and vulnerable children.  Siluncedo is an after-school program that provides academic tutoring as well as individualized attention and mentoring to orphans and vulnerable children.  It launched at the start of 2015 at the Home of Safety, and has already expanded to a second children's home in Khayelitsha.  The initiative is led by established local leaders, Simphiwe and Zukie Mabuya, who have been working with orphans and vulnerable children for over 20 years.  We were able to help Siluncedo by providing the initial seed capital to launch, and by helping them establish connections to children's homes and schools in Khayelitsha.  The program is designed to meet a few specific unmet needs, including:

  • Local Volunteers from Khayelitsha: As opposed to many other after-school programs that rely on international volunteers and are often very volunteer-centric, this program recruits local Xhosa volunteers who are better suited to communicate and connect with the children, while also serving as role models.  These tutors grew up in the same or similar environments to the children, so they have an unparalleled level of empathy and understanding of the challenges these children face.
  • Pragmatic & Results-Oriented Academic Tutoring: While other after-school programs often focused on broad or irrelevant subject matter, Siluncedo works directly with schools in Khayelitsha to ensure that we are making a positive impact on the children’s academic performance.  Tutors and teachers work together to track each student’s progress and opportunities for improvement.
  • Wholesome Approach to Personal Development: Aside from academic tutoring, Siluncedo also dedicates time to meeting the children’s psychological needs, as well as providing extracurricular activities in sports and creative arts.
  • Ability to Grow and Reach More Children: Siluncedo has already expanded to a second children's home in 2015, and with more funding, Siluncedo will continue to grow and reach more children.

Intsikelelo & Siluncedo Team, December 2015

(Left to Right: Nokwanda Ndlovu, Zukie Mabuya, Simphiwe Mabuya, Chris Grava, NIck Grava)